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Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 6: Transition

We were lucky this morning and had a reprieve from the 5am wake-ups we've had all week. It was nice to be able to get a little sleep and then be able to enjoy a nice breakfast. The weather was giving us a nice send off from Pillar Point today. The last day for me on the reef was invigorating. The wind was kicking up some great waves (too bad I didn't have time for some surfing). Sunshine through the light cloud cover created an amazing ambiance to our search for the final location for the cube.

The main goal for today was to actually determine the final placement for the cube. The problem we seemed to running into was the vast abundance of great locations. Some of the locations that could potentially be the best placement were inaccessible. Others were too open to the destructive forces of the waves (although, oddly enough, had some of the best diversity). But, the place that was chosen was a ledge that I had pointed out.

The ledge was located in a narrow crevasse that opened to the ocean and would intermittently fill and drain as the waves came in. The water would gently fill the crevasse and it seemed to allow for a great diversity in the organisms that called it home. We played around with placement for quite awhile to find the best spot for highest diversity. A lot of photographs were taken with David placing the cube. Unfortunately, I will have to return home before the actual placement is made. But, tonight we will be moving to the next site in the Marin Headlands. Should be fun!

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