This blog will be following my San Francisco Expedition with National Geographic and the Smithsonian
Institute. It will also follow my own work on my senior research project for LSSU.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 7: Photographs

David talking to the first group of students

Assembling the cubes

The search for invertebrates

A damselfly larva

An Isopod

This was actually a polychaete worm. It is difficult to see the leg like appendages

Dr. Meyer helping students learn techniques

A freshwater mussel. You can see the foot (white part) sticking out.

Collecting specimens

This one is a dragonfly larva

A nematode, a gilled snail, and an isopod

Another gilled snail

It is difficult to make out, but this was a midge larva

An adult beetle

A potential site for the cube

Sifting through a sample on the banks of the pond

I believe this is Burmansia vulcanicola a species of angel trumpet

Zak sneaking a bite to eat in between groups

Caddisfly larvae

One of my favorite pictures

The students' cube placement

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