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Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 3: Half Moon Bay

We are now at our new location in Half Moon Bay. It took most of the day to transport and setup the equipment. It was really interesting seeing how much gear is needed for the study and how intricate some of the setups for the equipment are. The imaging setup to get the incredibly white backgrounds seen in the photographs is pretty intense. Apparently, it was an innovative design by David.

After we had all of the main components setup, we went to work on painting and creating the cubes that are going to be used throughout the study. The cubes they are planning to distribute to the kids were pretty simple to build making them perfect for kids.

The last major project for the night was to go and scope out the site and look for prime locations to perform the study. This is the intertidal location. It was great smelling the salty air and the cool (for out here, warm for us Michiganders) ocean breeze. We arrived right after low tide and watched as the ocean rose and came in. The amount of life in these intertidal areas is just incredible. I got some great shots of a couple of anemones. Unfortunately, the overcast caused it to turn darker quicker and I wasn’t able to get more pictures. Tomorrow we will be taking an inordinate amount of photographs since we will be actually taking samples at that time.

Another day comes to a close, but an early morning beckons.

Our New Accommodations

The Kitchen at Our New Accommodations

David Painting the Kids' Cube Parts

Pillar Point Intertidal Zone

An Intertidal Pond

Border of Intertidal Zone

Waves Breaking Outside Intertidal Zone

Sea Anemone

Another Sea Anemone

View of the Bay at Twilight

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  1. Those sea anemones look so neat! Looks like you are having a wonderful time!–Megan b.